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Biological ID Technologies Inc. (BIDT) develops commercial biotechnology needed to support food & natural health product authenticity and traceability systems, which can provide a competitive advantage for industry by 1) enhancing product quality, and 2) facilitating access international markets. We design and build gold standard reference DNA barcode libraries and DNA-based identification systems for products traded within and between Canada, USA, Europe, China and India. This includes the development of standard Biological Reference Materials (BRMs) and certification of products, protocols and services related to our product authentication and traceability technology that follow TRU-ID© standards. Our services are used to authenticate traded industry products, thereby helping our respective industry partners to improve the quality of their products. Our industry clients from several companies are highly supportive of this BIDT biotechnology, as it will allow them to evaluate methods for the authentication of raw ingredients and through a highly visible certification schema, provide them with a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

DNA helix

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